Alberta Commissioner for Oaths Rubber Stamps

Custom Commissioner for Oaths stamps for the Province of Alberta. All stamps can be customized with your name, expiry date and appointee number.  A commissioner for oaths – when acting as such – shall, on each document they sign, print or stamp beside their signature so it’s easy to read.

Alberta Notaries and Commissioner Act April 30, 2015

17(1) A commissioner for oaths shall, on each document that the commissioner for oaths signs in that capacity, legibly print, or stamp in legible printing, next to the commissioner for oaths’ signature,

(a) the commissioner for oaths’ name,
(b) the words “A Commissioner for Oaths in and for Alberta”,
(c) if appointed under section 15, the date on which the commissioner for oaths’ appointment expires, and
(d) if the commissioner for oaths is acting by virtue of an office or status referred to in section 16(1) or (2), the office or status that applies to the commissioner for oaths.

17(2) A commissioner for oaths who fails to comply with this section is guilty of an offence and liable to a fine of not more than $1000.

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