Alberta Notary Public Seal Embossers & Stamps

Alberta Notary Public embossing seals and stamps, pre-configured layouts for Alberta Notary Publics. Available in four embosser styles; Ideal-Trodat Embosser, Shiny EM Pocket Embosser, Shiny ED Desk Embosser and a Long Reach Embosser, two stamp styles; self-inking and traditional, and seven layout options.

New Notaries and Commissioners Act in force April 30, 2015

Under the old legislation, an Alberta Notary didn’t need to affix a seal to an affidavit or declaration to be valid for use within Alberta. The new legislation requires a notary to affix a seal to all documents, whether for use in Alberta or out of province. The seal must bear the notary’s name and the words “Notary Public” and “Province of Alberta.” (Section 5.)

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