Corporate, Notary and Stationery embossing seals from $49.50 each. Embossing seals consist of a seal press and a set of dies. The dies are generally circular but can also be square or rectangular. Using the seal press, the dies are pressed together to authenticate paper documents permanently.

Custom EMBOSSING SEALS come in both desk seal and pocket seal versions. Our small desk and pocket seals are produced by Shiny® and use a revolutionary mechanism that allows the user to apply 35% less pressure with their hands while increasing the amount of pressure the seal applies to the page. Our 1 3/4 inch seal is the tried and true Official Corporate Seal with a 2 1/2 inch reach for easy document embossing. Easy to use, order online, 1-hour same-day service available.

Our custom embossing seals can be used for corporate seals, notary seals, school seals, wedding invitation embossers, logo embossers, personal embossers and stationery embossers. We offer five sizes of embossing seals: 1 5/8 inch round, 1 3/4 inch round, 2 inches round, 2 x 1 inch rectangular and 2 x 2-inch square sizes. Our laser-engraved seal dies can include logos and custom artwork. Contact us today for a quote!

Embossing Seals Request a Proof and Quote
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Send us up to 5 files, allowed file types: jpg, png, pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, svg, eps, ai, cdr
- artwork should be black and white only, no greyscales or colors
- vector graphic files work the best .ai, .eps, .cdr
- for text only stamps you can setup your design in MS Word and send us your Word file
- bitmap graphics files jpg, png should be a least 300 dpi (large image), images downloaded from the web are generally not acceptable being too low in resolution (usually 72 dpi)

All our standard embossing seals are designed with 24-60 lb single sheets of paper or with standard foil embossing seal stickers.
Please get in touch with us if you want to emboss heavier paper stocks.

We carry 6 Models of embossing seal presses

Trodat Ideal 2-in-1 embosser
Ideal/Trodat Embosser

Use it as a desk or handheld unit. Leather carrying case.
1 5/8 inch diameter die size,
1 1/2 inch reach.

Shiny Pocket Embosser
Shiny EZ-EM Pocket Embosser

Handheld unit. Mechanical advantage 30% easier to use over traditional embossers. Hard plastic carrying case.
1 5/8 inch diameter die size
1 1/2 inch reach.

Shiny Desk Embosser
Shiny EZ-ED Desk Embosser

Desk unit. Mechanical advantage 30% easier to use over traditional embossers. 
1 5/8 inch diameter die size
1 1/2 inch reach.


2 inch Long Reach Desk Embosser
Long Reach Desk Embosser

Desk unit. No mechanical advantage, longer reach, larger die plate. 
 2-inch diameter die size,
1 3/4 – 2 inch imprint size,
2 1/2 inch reach.

Shiny EZ-EH Desk Embosser

Desk unit. Mechanical advantage 30% easier to use over traditional embosser.  Larger die plate.
2-inch diameter die size
2 1/2-inch reach.

Shiny ELR DeskEmbosser

 Desk unit. No mechanical advantage, extra long reach, larger die plate. 

2-inch diameter die size
4 1/2 inch reach.

 Brass and White Metal or Laser Engraved Delrin Dies – What’s The Difference?

There are two ways to make a custom embossing seal. Traditionally they were made by rotary engraving a pre-designed brass slug with the text required for the seal. Then white metal was melted and applied to the seal to make the opposing die.

Laser engraved dies are created by laser engraving your design, and no predefined templates are used so your seal can look any way you like, into an extremely hard plastic called Delrin. The laser engraves both the male and female dies to create a perfect impression every time.

Unlike the white metal die of a brass seal that will, over time, flatten out with repeated use of the seal, the laser engraved plastic dies will never wear out, and if you need to change the information on your seal, the dies can be easily replaced.

We manufacture our seals using a laser, and hard plastic Delrin dies. We believe this offers the greatest flexibility and the ability to create high quality corporate, notary and stationery embossers and seals for a competitive price and completely customized to your specifications.

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