Notary Public Embossing Seals & Seal Stamps

Notary Public embossing seals and Notary Public seal stamps for all Canadian Notaries and Lawyers. Notary Public embossers are available in four distinct embosser press styles.

  • The Ideal-Trodat Pocket/Desk Seal, lightweight aluminum, compact design, leather carrying case, and can be used as either a desk or handheld embosser.
  • The Shiny EZ-ED Desk Seal, solid cast metal, durable and easy to use, 30% mechanical advantage achieved by the patented ratching mechanism
  • The Shiny EZ-EM “Pocket” Seal, solid cast metal, durable, comes with a hard plastic carrying case, 30% mechanical advantage achieved by the patented ratching mechanism.
  • The “Official” Long Reach Desk Seal, solid cast metal, larger die plate, longer reach, the standard in notary seal presses for decades.

In addition, we offer seal stamps in three stamp styles; traditional, self-inking and pre-inked stamps for when you need to scan or fax a document and need the seal to be visible.  When ordering, make sure to order the same layout for both your stamp and your embosser to make sure both will validate with your local issuing authority.

Seven layout options are available and specific layouts for Barristers and Solicitors, and Ontario Paralegals authorized as Notary Publics are available. These layouts follow all current Provincial guidelines and are available for all Canadian Provinces and Territories.

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