Colop EOS Premium Pre-Inked Flash Stamps

The new eco-friendly EOS stamp line by Colop creates ink-jet printer like imprints using permanent oil based inks. With a simple press they create thousands of clean clear impressions.   The ink is contained in the stamp so no separate ink pad is required.   The stamps can be easily re-inked for thousands of impressions.  Due to the nature of the stamp they can be created in much larger sizes than self-inking stamps up to a maximum size 4 3/4 x 3 1/2 inch.

Self-Inking vs Pre-Inked
6,000 imprints vs 20,000 imprint
Water Based Ink vs Oil Based Ink
Traditional Rubber Imprint vs Sharp ink-jet printer like imprints

The Black bodied EOS Standard and XL stamps are made of  a minimum 80 % recycled plastics

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