Engraved Plastic Lamacoid Tags

Engraved plastic tags and signs can be used as labels, valve tags, legend plates, electrical panel tags, name plates, signage and more are an affordable solution for all your tag requirements. Engraved plastic lamacoid tags can be ordered in any quantity, size and shape and can include any text, graphics or logos and can be customized with holes and are available with 3M 467MP double sided adhesive.

Our industrial lamacoid tags are manufactured using a two-ply plastic material that is both indoor and outdoor UV stable and available in both smooth and textured surfaces. Lamacoid plastic is available in two thicknesses with the most common being 1/16 inch with 1/8 inch also available in select colors.  Our engraving material is manufactured by Romark™ Plastics in the United States and is one of the top quality manufacturers in North America.   Beware of other low cost manufacturers producing lamacoid tags sourced with offshore products.

Plastic Lamacoid Industrial Tags
  • identification tags, machine panels, electrical panels, mechanical fans, pumps, actuators, caution and warning signs
  • customized panel fronts to identify lights, push buttons, switches, job information, with your company logo and phone number for quick reference all on engraved plates.

We also manufacture reverse engraved plastic lamacoid tags. These tags are specifically suited to clean environment requirements and are more tamper and vandal resistant then front engraved tags. Reverse engraved tags and signs offer a smooth surface that is created by engraving the back layer of the material and the text or image is then paint filled to your specifications. Multiple fill colors can be used to create a multi-color tag that is easy to clean and more weather resistant then standard front engraved name tags.

Pricing is based on the number of labels/signs/tags per size and includes text, logos, arrows, symbols, round or square corners, adhesive tape and any holes/cuts required. They do not have to have the same text.  Chamfer/Beveled edge tags add $0.10/tag.  With minimal setup and quick turnaround production time these tags can be ready within 24 hours,  large volume order may require additional production time.

Engraved Plastic Lamacoid Tag Pricing

up to1$1.50$1.43$1.35$1.28$1.20$1.05$0.98
up to2$2.50$2.38$2.25$2.13$2.00$1.75$1.63
up to3$3.50$3.33$3.15$2.98$2.80$2.45$2.28
up to4$4.50$4.28$4.05$3.83$3.60$3.15$2.93
up to6$5.50$5.23$4.95$4.68$4.40$3.85$3.58
up to8$6.50$6.18$5.85$5.53$5.20$4.55$4.23
up to10$7.50$7.13$6.75$6.38$6.00$5.25$4.88
up to12$8.50$8.08$7.65$7.23$6.80$5.95$5.53
up to14$9.50$9.03$8.55$8.08$7.60$6.65$6.18
up to16$11.50$10.93$10.35$9.78$9.20$8.05$7.48
up to18$12.50$11.88$11.25$10.63$10.00$8.75$8.13
up to20$13.50$12.83$12.15$11.48$10.80$9.45$8.78

Sizes up to 24 x 12 inch in size are available. For sizes larger than 20 square inches, please contact us for a proof and quote.

 We show a number of template tags on our website, however you are not limited to these sizes and or shapes.  Our plastic lamacoid tags can be manufactured to any size and shape, please contact us for a custom quote. 

Engraved Plastic Lamacoid Tags Request a Proof and Quote

Request A Quote

Send us up to 5 files, maximum file size 5 mb, allowed file types: pdf,jpg,png,ai,eps,cdr,tif,doc,docx,xls,xlsx
- vector graphic files work the best .ai, .eps, .cdr
- bitmap graphics files jpg, png should be a least 300 dpi (large image), images downloaded from the web are generally not acceptable being too low in resolution (usually 72 dpi)

Textured Material Engraving Colors – 1/16 and 1/8 inch thickness

Textured Engraving Colors

Standard Engraving Colors – 1/16 and 1/8 inch thickness

Engraving Colors
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