Corporate Embossing Seals & Stamps

Our corporate seals, available for all Canadian provinces and territories, include four embosser types, various layout options, and rubber stamps.

  • Ideal-Trodat Handheld/Desk Embosser
  • Shiny EZ-EM Pocket Embosser
  • Shiny EZ-ED Desk Embosser
  • Long Reach Desk Embosser
  • Custom rubber stamps

Corporate seals generally have a standard format with your company name, as shown on your incorporation papers, across the top of the seal.   Specialty layouts for Trade name embossers and condominium corporations are also available.

Embossing seals are mechanical devices that permanently emboss the document with your corporate seal. Corporate seal embossers can be used when opening a bank account, land title applications, stock certificates, membership certificates, gift certificates and embossing documents for official use or anywhere you would like a permanent identification of your company.  You may also use a rubber stamp for your corporate identification.

The best practice is to always check with the entity requiring the corporate seal about what they require before purchasing either the embosser or stamp.

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