The COLOP e-mark makes printing in colour directly on any absorbent surface possible, with just a simple sideways swipe of the device. Our mobile printer is palm-sized, operated by an app, flexible and portable. Highlights: Compact and mobile Changing imprints flexibly Creating individual imprints easily Multicolour imprints Ready-to-use imprint templates Compact and mobile Easy to use on the go without power supply due to its inbuilt battery. The e-mark can be used wherever needed – be it in the office, the garden or on your next trip. It can be used as flexibly as your lifestyle requires. Changing imprints flexibly Change your imprints easily and effortlessly as often as you like with the free e-mark app. Creating individual imprints easily Use your own images and texts for creating imprints with the editor in the e-mark app.

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