Reiner B600 Automatic Numbering Stamp


6 Wheel plastic automatic numbering stamp with  premium alloy wheels. All B600 Models have high impact black plastic frame.

Special features:

  • for standard light duty office applications
  • fast, reliable
  • exact positioning of imprint due to line indicator at base plate
  • integrated self-inking mechanism with Ink-Cartridge (Colorbox Type 2)
  • available with Black or Red ink

Technical Data:

  • 6 wheels made of special alloy,
  • 5 wheels with automatic action
  • With or without preceding zeros
  • Imprint: 0 to 999999
  • Actions: 0x, 1-6x, 12x, 20x repetition
  • Figure size: 4.5 mm / 5.5 mm 3/16″-7/32″
  • Figure style: Block / Antique
  • Self-inking: Colorbox Ink-Cartridge Type 2
  • Net weight: about 8 oz.-12 oz.

Only use ami/REINER numbering machine ink in order to ensure long lasting quality impressions and function.

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